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In today's competitive world, globalising can often result in the difference between a product's worldwide success or failure. Inaccurate or inexpert translations could lead to users incorrectly using your product, often with serious negative consequences. Only a proven, professional software translator with a solid understanding of your specific field can provide solutions for your technical translation needs. Our translators undergo extensive professional training and examination on an ongoing basis, in order to ensure that you benefit from the strong expertise required to achieve excellent localisation.

Our expert technical translators are thoroughly familiar with the technological ins and outs of a wide array of technical fields. To ensure optimum quality and consistency in all our translations we make use of specific client terminology bases (glossaries) and CAT tools. 

Whether it be aeronautics, construction, agriculture or any other specialist subject, expert technical translation is essential. That's why we only use translators with a proven track record and solid technical understanding when working on technical documents.


We will always work with you, and where possible with your in-country reviewers, to ensure that the style and knowledge of the translators involved

exactly meet your requirements.

The liberalised telecom market has brought a flood of new players to a highly dynamic sector. This is a sector developing at lightning speed, with almost all IT and telecom companies investing in the convergence of telecommunications and data technology.

For our clients, it is extremely important that TEXX keeps in step with the rapid advances in technology – which is why our technical translators are completely familiar with the prevailing terminology in their native language.

We can also coordinate large multi-language projects and provide on-site translation teams.