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A professional legal translation can make the difference in preventing future legal contingencies and can ensure that the correct legal meaning is conveyed as interpreted by the judicial system. Furthermore, accurate legal translations require legal translators who have a thorough understanding of legal nomenclature, legal processes and systems, as well as the industry and subject matter at hand. All translators have access to translation glossaries, dictionaries and industry-specific terminology tools, ensuring that our translation is both accurate and consistent across even the largest projects. Our extensive terminology includes such key subject areas as:


  • International law 
  • Tax law 
  • Property law 
  • Insurance law 
  • Criminal law 
  • Corporate law 
  • Commercial Law

Commercial translation can be the key to winning and retaining business. It is therefore of vital importance that your translations reflect the professionalism of your organisation and that your translations demonstrate the values of your brand. At TEXX we understand the importance of perfect translations the first time, every time and we have a team of first-class translators to deliver translations that meet your needs.

At TEXX International Conmmunications our clients benefit from our broad experience and in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the finance industry, which we have gained over many years. Whether we have to translate a sensitive corporate report overnight or your quarterly or annual reports, the commitment and experience of our financial specialists is unparalleled. Needless to say confidentiality is our top priority, and all our translators will sign non-disclosure agreements prior to working on any client's assignment for TEXX International Commmunications.

Professional financial translations – accurate and on time


It goes without saying that when it comes to financial translations using the right terms in the right context is crucial. To ensure this happens, we will work with you to build translation glossaries with terms specific to your company or industry.


Financial Document Translation

We have extensive experience translating all types of financial documents, including:

  • Annual reports 
  • Income statements 
  • Balance Sheets 
  • Auditor's reports 
  • Government tax reports 
  • Cash Flow Statements 
  • Financial reporting guidelines 
  • Business Plans 
  • Prospectuses 
  • Private and Public Offerings 
  • Insurance-related documents