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GETTING YOUR MESSAGE ACROSS IN EVERY LANGUAGE Whether you require copy for ads, brochures, banners, posters or POS material: TEXX understands how best to get your message across in virtually every market and in any country. Customers benefitting from our expertise include top advertising agencies, as well as the sales and marketing departments of major companies. We have the required creative skills and experience to handle the entire spectrum of international advertising, marketing and sales. And you may rest assured: No matter how tight the required turnaround and no matter how many languages you require, we will see to it that your project is delivered on time – every time.

Whether a press release concerns the launch of a new product or the appointment of a new CEO, translating the press release can help companies reach a wider audience. By sharing news of corporate developments in multiple languages, companies can reach a diverse audience of international media and consumers. If your company has an international reach (or international aspirations!), you need to translate all your press releases into the languages of countries where you want to increase your presence. But it’s not something you would embark on lightly – you require a translation partner with the depth and experience to produce those multilingual releases while the news is still fresh,

TEXX will gladly help you with:

  • writing press releases
  • editing your press releases
  • translating press releases

We work in partnership with many advertising agencies who produce campaigns for all kinds of companies, which then have to be localised for international markets. In advertising, the mot juste is essential to sell a product, and we will find it! Our copywriters are masters in the art of transforming successful campaigns into equally successful foreign-language campaigns. Many of them learned their trade in one of the top advertising agencies in their own countries – and, of course, they write exclusively in their mother tongues. The result is not a lifeless translation, but exciting copy that does exactly what it has to do: sell your product or service.