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A broad range of translation projects

TEXX provides translations that cover a huge variety of fields, including websites, press releases, AV and PowerPoint presentations, manuals, legal documents, financial press releases and quarterly and annual reports, technical translations, product information, business correspondence, conference information, restaurant menus, policy memoranda, jubilee booklets, etc. 

Certified translations

For legal and notarial documents, it may be necessary to provide a sworn declaration of accuracy. If that’s the case, it’s good to know that we work with experienced legal translators who are certified as such by the court.  

Second opinion

It sometimes happens that you already have a translation of your document but you aren’t quite sure how good it is. If that’s the case, you can ask us for a second opinion. And certainly when the material is about to go to the printer, a final double-check can save a lot of trouble and unnecessary cost. 

Editing/correcting texts

Clients often come to TEXX with a text that they have written themselves, asking us to edit it or simply give it a final check. This is a service that we can provide quickly and efficiently. And when it comes to proofreading, just send us the laid-out text as a PDF and you’ll get the document back with corrections in the form of ‘sticky notes.