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How it works

TEXX works with an extensive international network of experienced translators who are all native speakers.

This means that translators are only allowed to translate into their mother tongue.

In fact, we usually employ translators who live and work in the country whose language they translate. This helps to ensure that they are fully up to date with all the linguistic developments in their source language - after all, languages are dynamic, and are subject to constant change.

Native speakers who know their subject

The native speaker issue is pretty obvious. However, knowledge of your subject is just as important. The assignments that we get are extremely varied, ranging from advertising and technology through to commercial, legal and financial. With a huge number of subjects in between. Clearly, no single translator can master all of these specialisms, which is why diversification is the name of the game in our business. Your assignment will always be given to a translator who has an adequate knowledge of the subject in hand.

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