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Your organisation is growing and flourishing. And you're considering taking the next step forward. Foreign markets are beckoning. But how can you be sure of reproducing your success at home in international markets? Have you considered all the linguistic, cultural and religious aspects that could impact the way in which people regard your brand, products or services and advertising in other countries?

In marketing, people like to talk of the global village and global concepts for marketing communications - a single strategy that works the world over. What could make the life of a marketing manager happier than that? Unfortunately, practice proves that there are a great many treacherous pitfalls on the way. And there are many companies, multinationals included, who have got their fingers badly burned. The result is flopped campaigns, financial catastrophes and, last but by no means least, a painful dent in the cherished image that it has taken so many years of hard work to achieve.

Translation Bloopers