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Ronald Oeges - MD

The founder and owner of TEXX, grew up abroad in countries including Spain, Portugal, Peru and Venezuela. He was educated at French, Spanish and British Schools and it was there that his passion for languages began. After working in the incoming tourism business for 5 years at the beginning of his career (for Holland International among others), he then spent 12 years in marketing for the international hotel industry (including periods as the assistant marketing manager at the Schiphol Hilton and later sales & marketing manager at the Holiday Inn Leiden). It was then that he started his own translation agency. Ronald has a flair for marketing and sales and focuses mainly on account management. And learning new languages. As he has a great passion for Italy, the latest language is Italian!


Marianne Heemskerk-Oeges - office manager

Marianne also spent the first part of her life abroad in the same countries as her brother Ronald, and she shares his passion for languages. She is also a great organiser, which has led her to become the office manager at TEXX, responsible for all administrative processes.


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